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Some of your Questions:

  • How much does one consult cost?

    I take all medical aids and charge medical aid rates. If you would like to pay cash, then I provide a reduced cash rate.

  • How long is one consult?

    Each consult is between 50 to 60 minutes. However I also do consultations for up to 120 minutes.

  • How do I know need therapy?

    Everyone requires help with something in their lives at one point or another.

    If you feel your problems are too much for you to handle alone, then I would first recommend seeking social support from family and friends first. If this doesn’t work out for whatever reason, then I would recommend you see a psychologist to assess if your experience is normal or requires more structured help.

  • How do I know my child or teen needs to see someone?

    A change in your child or your teens behaviour, attitude, and mood usually indicates that there is something significant occurring in your child’s life. Speak to them about whether you can help or if they would feel comfortable to speak to a professional.

  • Do you have a card machine?

    Yes, I take all credit and debit cards at my practice.

  • Do you do group sessions?

    When the need arises, then I can organize group therapy sessions for interested individuals.